Listed in alphabetical order

(where applicable, terms are shown with their first mention in brackets)

Black 23 (TotW 1 page 13) – The code given to forced service with the IBG. The official penalty for refusing a Black 23 Notice is execution. Although (given the normal IBG stance of avoiding conflict where possible) it is unlikely this punishment would actually be carried out, no one has yet tried to defy the order.


Channelling - The act of drawing out and harnessing the innate energy of an item. There are three primary categories of Channelling: Natura (the energy of Nature), Penitus (the energy of self) and Extrarius (the energy of man-made items).

Crawler (TotW6 page 14) - A racial slur used against Animae. Although its origin is not known for certain, it is believed that it is a reference to Animae having animal features and indicates a view that they are as low in the food chain as other non-Winterborn species. If this is true, then it is in itself a poor choice of terms as the various species within the Winterlands hold a fairly equal footing in a complex eco system.


Dark Zones (TotW 1 page 47) – There are a small number of cities and residential gatherings where (following a fluctuation) all electrical items have ceased to work. This effect often extends to roughly half a mile around the boundaries of the gatherings it affects. Over time, these areas have acquired the nickname ‘Dark Zones’.

The Doll Project (TotW1 page 18) – The IBG created Dolls as a means of additional support should they become engaged in large scale combat situations. Using a simple combination of technology and channelling, an operative can transfer their consciousness into a Doll Shell and assume control. The consciousness will automatically transfer back to the operative should their Doll sustain too much damage. The original prototypes were stolen by an unknown assailant during 150 GLE and several replicas have since been produced. These have mainly been used by thrill seekers hoping to face a fear of death without the actual risk. To differentiate between official and replica models, IBG operatives have been trained to project an insignia onto their Doll (The insignia is automatically logged by the IBG computer systems). There is currently a modest reward for anyone who destroys an illegal replica.

Leadership Of The Last (TotW 1 page 14 & 15)– When Gor stated that The Last had elected a new leader, Max knew that this meant Douglas Milton had died. This is because all leaders of the group are enlisted to serve until their death. The founding leader Richard O’Kei held leadership from 128 GLE until 175 GLE when he died in his sleep aged 87. Douglas Milton was elected to replace him later that year and served for 25 years. No official cause of death was ever registered.

The Navidson Generator (TotW 1 page 3) – During an ORE (Other Realm Exploration), Maxwell and Samantha discovered a house containing a series of corridors that appeared to stretch on indefinitely. After several days studying the corridors and their habit of spontaneously altering, they returned to The Winterlands with a selection of wall scrapings. Through a prolonged period of experimentation, Maxwell was able to use the samples to replicate the phenomena and (through the use of precisely placed electromagnetic stimuli) found methods to control the seemingly random terraforming they had witnessed during the ORE. This eventually led to the creation of both The Door Boards and the extra (and seemingly impossible) rooms in the Winter’s home. Maxwell named the central operating system the Navidson Generator as when magnified, the original scrapings appeared to have the word ‘Navidson’ etched into them.

The Northern Tradition - This refers to the naming traditions of the Northern area of The Winterlands (starting at D’Mascos and stretching to the Northern Coast). Those originating from this region do not have surnames as there is a deep set belief that all Winterborn are of the same land and so the same spiritual family. When a child is born, they will simply be referred to as ’Child of [parents name]’ until they reach maturity, at which point they will be required to choose their own name. To avoid any stigma, the North views all names as unisex and the only prerequisite to choosing a name is that it should hold special meaning to the one making the choice.


Sixer (TotW 1 page 32) – ‘Sixer’ is a derogatory slang term that is popular among IBG IT Operatives. It is a reference to their salary and security clearance being six grades higher than those of the Field Agents and Desk Staff it is aimed at.


WHG Drives – By 30 GLE, the IBG had begun to use Wormhole Generator Drives to store data (this became known as the WHG electronic filing system). The initial plan in 28 GLE had been to use WHGs to allow the IBG to travel back in time and collect historic data from before the currently held records. Tests showed it to be impossible to open a hole large and stable enough for a human to travel through. The research and development team behind the technology theorised that (although not the original intent), the WHGs may provide a solution for the growing data storage problems the IBG were experiencing. The system would allow the data for a day to be stored in one large electronic storage system. The contents of this system would be logged on a separate file and the data then wiped at the end of the day. The WHG would allow a user to open a wormhole to the data storage of a specific day and retrieve files as required. The team were so confident in this system that they used live date for the early tests, accidentally destroying the majority of pre-GLE files, causing the loss of almost all documentation relating to The Winterlands prior to the IBG assuming control. Now perfected, small WHGs are placed in the personal computers of IBG staff so that they can recall files as and when required, dependent on security clearance.