Tales of the Winterborn is copyright (c) 2011 Matt Doyle (aka Tad) & Chrissy Marsh (aka Izzy Stardust). The stories and characters are fictional and resemblance to actual persons or events are coincidental.

Anyone who sees this website is of course welcome to do almost anything with the material (for example: fan art, fan fiction, translating the pages into other languages, posting pages and pics anywhere you wish and so on).

We do insist on two things though:

1) Anything you do must be non-commercial unless specific permission is gained from Tad or Izzy. So no selling anything featuring this comic without asking us first.

2) You must provide attribution. So basically, you can't claim you created the characters etc and must credit us as the source.

Providing you cover those two points, feel free to do whatever you wish with TotW. Mostly, we're just happy that you're all reading and enjoying it.